This is a diary of how my husband and I are getting Zombie Fit! Join us and don't get eaten alive! We are getting mentally and physically prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Become self sufficient and survive!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 6 - Some thoughts about the past week

So this week has been a busy one, but the sixth day is always the true test.
Usually the novelty of what you do wears off within six days. I remember being young and wanting to keep a diary for the year. My intentions were good so the first week of January was always complete. Then the dates would became more sporadic.Fast forward to Easter before things really picked back up, but then that was pretty much it for the year. This happened about three years in a row.

I am reminded of the film 28 days later. If I applied that kind of commitment things would fizzle before the first week. You may find that zombie hoards turn on themselves within a week, but if your caught and eaten before then (due to lack of fitness) then you will never know.

More than one day may be required! How about another 27?

But now, it's confession time!

I may have had a beer or two during the week.

But you know what? That's OK. Going from 'zero to hero' is just not sustainable and this is where many fitness routines let you down.They expect a 100% commitment from the start. But we humans are not designed that way. (Zombies maybe - but then they are the guys we love to run away from).
As humans, it's a well known fact that it's in our nature to be lazy

We have to look at this new fitness not so much as a regime, but as a change in habit, that's all.
Fitness has to be developed, it's not an absolute on/off thing. Our attitude to fitness has to be developed in the same way as our stamina. Small steps, some recovery, then small steps once again.

Release your inner 'Fitness Child' not your inner zombie child!

Like a shy seven year old, we have to coax our fitness confidence out with positive praise, not by getting upset when they don't do as we say. Any self defeat you feel internally will scare that 'fitness child' back into hiding. So rule number one! Go easy on yourself. 
Many people find it hard to go easy on themselves, but what you have to remember is IF you are one of a handful of survivors, you may have to get used to being nice to yourself. You will need to be the best friend to yourself, especially in a time of crisis. Who else will look out for you and watch your back.
So back to reviewing these first six days.

Instead, let's turn our attention to the good things we did.

Myself and my wife have done at least two evenings running round the block. Much to the worry of our new neighbours I suspect, as every few minutes one of our reddened faces and breathy gasps passes their front window while they sit comfortably trying to watch the TV.

I have been doing a set of 20 stomach crunches every day, and I am now past the initial pain barrier which I felt up until yesterday. I keep telling myself - Yeah! I may be sore, but it's better than a chomp from a zombie, and the inevitable craving for 'Brains' that ensues.

I tried out more squats from the test a couple of evenings which hurt less, and I did more jogging on the spot on the evening when the weather was rainy.

So all in all the last six days have been good. I feel slightly better each day.
My heart rate recovery feels better, though I just may be used to the feeling of the old ticker pumping away after a run, and I actually feel proud of myself when I do the third run in a similar time to the first two, even when I think I have been running slower.

Get fit with a friend!
It has helped going through this with my wife as I have someone to share the experience with, so a buddy system may yield you better results if you feel your motivation is wavering. However, my wife will be away until Monday, so this will test my commitment to myself.

What next...
We now have some great spreadsheets to track the results over the next three months (big thanks to Stu for those) so it will feel good to do the first week updates and pictures to see what changes have occurred if any. Remember this is only the first week and we are not expecting miracles.
I'll get these spreadsheets set up for as part of our starter pack if anyone is interested in joining in with us to get Zombie fit.

And Finally!
Be nice to yourself but keep up the good work.
Just think, one week ago we just wouldn't have done anything like what we did this week!
So a starting is really the biggest challenge to overcome.
And if you still think it's difficult to break your bad habits -try reading this.

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