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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Fast Can a Zombie Run?

So it's day two, and our fitness regime has progressed to running. 
Now it's unclear across many zombie films, exactly how fast your average zombie can run.

Many of the traditional thinkers opt for a slow dragging, foot shuffle, hence the term Walking Dead. But then there is your modern sprinting zombie, as featured in 28 Days Later. The threat here is the relentless speed of these urban zombies. Now it becomes an issue of not how fast you have to run, but how fast and for how long.
We're talking serious stamina for keeping such a fast pace over open ground.
As of right now, I know I couldn't keep that up for more than a minute or two. How about you?

Anyone fancy a quick run around the block?

Time to think about stamina and fast recovery training, to really get into shape.
OK, so it's only around the block, but if zombies arrive in the neighbourhood then it will be more than likely we would need to dash round a street or two looking for supplies.

So myself and the wife are aiming to build some stamina with a quick once round the block, followed by a quick recovery.

The distance is about 350 metres each run and we're trying to build up to four runs in quick succession. We figure this would get us some distance from any hungry hoardes, and put some decent distance bewteen us and the ones who missed out on their training!

Tonight I manage three, and holly hits a respectable two, but she shaved an impressive 25 seconds off her second run. I tire by the third run and my lungs feel a bit sticky - like doing sports as a kid on a cold winter morning! So my time gains by 10 seconds over the three runs.

So here are the stats for our first nights run.
  • Run 1 - 2 mintues 44 seconds
  • Run 2 - 2 mintues 19 seconds

  • Run 1 - 2 mintues 5 seconds
  • Run 2 - 2 mintues 8 seconds
  • Run 3 - 2 mintues 15 seconds

Now we have our benchmark stats to measure our progress for the next three months.
By the end of the runs we already felt the recovery time was shorter than the previous run.
Our aim is to extend the area of the runs to build up the distance each time.

How about you? 
What does your local block look like for a quick run and recovery session?

If you are interested in getting Zombie fit, then email us and we'll send you the full details so we can track your progress and work through the process with you.

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