This is a diary of how my husband and I are getting Zombie Fit! Join us and don't get eaten alive! We are getting mentally and physically prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Become self sufficient and survive!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's all in the mind!

Now although we will be looking at physical fitness in depth. It goes without saying that one key ingredient in your survival will be your mindset.
As a mass crowd of  zombies come stomping into your town, you want to be able to do your thing - not stand there crying like a baby in a pool of your own wee-wee!
Believe me when I say that even the biggest of men and strongest of women would be frightened by such a sight as it tore up the grass in their picture perfect world.

Let's face it..... These people are not here to give you a hug!

So what do can you do about it?
Accept what you see!

Be as cool as George Clooney's character in Dusk till Dawn, who gets busy formulating a plan of action while pulling a pool cue out of his vampire brothers' recently beating heart. Assess the situation quickly and without panic and look for your best place to hide, or find your initial weapon of choice.

How do you deal with bad news?

It is common theory that humans have to undergo 5 stages when encountering bad news. The most famous is the research done by Kubler-Ross who indicate these as:
  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Grieving
  5. Acceptance
So you may not have the time to work through these one by one, and form a plan of escape.
So bite the bullet and accept what you see, don't be one of those disposable film characters who walk up to a shuffling zombie to see if they are OK, only to be snatched and chomped on the shoulder.
My advice, grab your beloved ones and go.
Once you are hunkered down in the saftey of your hiding place then you can work through the other stages.

If it helps, tell yourself you are in a game or film, and pretend to go through as if it's being played out to hidden cameras. Just remember in times of crisis such as an uprising of the dead - those who turn and run away, live to deal with their emotions another day!

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