This is a diary of how my husband and I are getting Zombie Fit! Join us and don't get eaten alive! We are getting mentally and physically prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Become self sufficient and survive!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Would I be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Shawn of the Dead Zombies
I'm Holly Smith-Williams, 34 years old, mother of a son (4 years old) and a daughter (1 year old). My life consists of cooking, cleaning, wiping noses, looking after my children and husband, and shopping - not very 21st century. But I have an obsession and I don't think it's the norm for a near middle aged and middle class mother. My obsession is with survival. If anything were to happen, I'd hope I'd be able to protect my babies and survive. I long for self sufficiency - to be in the middle of the countryside and be totally self reliant.

You see I'm a bit of a control freak and don't like the thought of anyone being able to have the say whether my family and I live or die. We are so reliant on big companies for water, fuel, power and food. If anything happens to any of these, there's only a small amount of time before things go wrong. What with pandemics, natural disasters and wars - we need to be ready to survive!

Having recently started reading Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide, I came to thinking, am I really zombie fit? Would I really be able to survive the zombie apocalypse? I may have the will within me - but is that enough? I think not. I could certainly do with some work. I've never really been aerobically fit and have about three stone (42 pounds) of baby weight to lose. I don't think I'd last long being chased - no way! I also have no weaponry training or combat experience, so these are areas I could do with learning.

This blog is the diary of becoming zombie fit. My husband, Robin, is joining me on this journey. Maybe you will join us too! Sign up for all the up-dates and guide to becoming Zombie Fit!
This is Robin before a zombie nibble...


  1. This is such an awesome idea. I had a similar thought myself (there's a Zombie Apocalypse Survival game that's being hosted in a few months, and I wanted to use that as my motivation to get fit and get in shape). I'm so glad that someone is doing something similar. I'll be following your progress with interest, and I hope that I'll get similar success!

  2. Thanks Jamie! I'm really starting to enjoy our quest to become Zombie Fit! Although I seem to be lacking some self discipline, so I've signed up for Action Boot Camp! I think those drill sergeants should be able to get me in shape!

    We've also been trying some archery today (silent but deadly!) and wood turning, just so we'd be able to fashion extra bows post apocalypse!

    Good luck with your journey! Let us know how it's going!


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