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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fartlek For Your Life!

Now most people would be shouting 'run for your life', but when it comes to building stamina for running, nothing beats a good fartlek!

What is Fartlekking?
More recently known as interval training, Fartlek was a technique developed by Swedish trainer Gosta Holme way back in 1937. I also read somewhere that his technique is based on children's games and the way they mix up their play. Rather than running round at one constant speed they build stamina by running, then walking, then running around some more. As a father to a four and a half year old, I can see my son's stamina building in this way everytime we play in the park.
So we're trying this technique in our runs around the block and by varying our speed when training we hope to build up the aerobic stamina quicker and more effectively than solid one speed running.

Has someone been Fartlekking?

Break up your running.

I am using the distance between lamposts as markers, and alternating with a fast sprint, medium speed jog, followed by fast walking pattern.
The most noticible effect this has is that it breaks up your run, is more fun, and seems to get easier as we run every few nights. I feel like the run round the block needs to be extended to make better use of this technique and help build more stamina.

So it's a big thumbs up for fartlekking, from us!

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