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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keep Those Gnashers Clean Or They Might Kill You!

Who would have thought that there would be a bigger threat to your life than those rotting, flesh-eating zombie beasts and it could actually be your pearly whites that become your ultimate downfall.

This is a great blog about how keeping those teeth nice and clean could save your life in the post apocalyptic world. Don't let gingivitis kill you. Live to fight another day!

Post-Apocalyptic Personal Hygiene: Brush Your Teeth or Die. | In Case of Survival


  1. I'll definitely keep this in mind. The last thing I want is to lose my chompers and have to eat mashed potatoes and soup for the rest of my survival.

  2. And just think, most of Jeremy Kyles' guests live like that everyday!

  3. Hey there, thanks for the plug to our blog, we really appreciate it.

    We're BIG on personal hygiene being a surprisingly important contributor to your survival. I mean, not only the obvious (dirty people get skin/tooth infections more easily, which without proper care can kill) but unwashed people smell. Infections smell. And if you stink, zombies can find you much more easily...

  4. Yuck! I have a very sensitive nose as well! Wasn't it the Victorians who discovered cleanliness kept ills away. Especially during surgery. I think it would be a very good lesson to learn how to make natural cleaning products. You can't go wrong with a bit of vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. I think I'm gonna start stocking up!

  5. I am glad you shared these cool ways that you can keep a healthy set of teeth on a zombie apocalypse. Although when that time comes, I think it would be the least of my worries.

    dentist Huntersville


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