This is a diary of how my husband and I are getting Zombie Fit! Join us and don't get eaten alive! We are getting mentally and physically prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Become self sufficient and survive!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Zombieland - There's a new number one rule!

Now I know the quote from the infamous Zombieland movie states "Rule number one = Cardio!" But I have a new rule number one for anyone aiming to make it in Zombieland or any other land of the walking (or running) dead.

And here is it ...

Rule number one = Stretch!

That's right, and you heard it here first. There is no point in having the cardio rule if after 30 seconds of flat out sprint, you pull a hamstring or tear a thigh muscle. No amount of cardio fitness will allow you to keep running on to safety unless you keep yourself supple and ready to be active.
So a good warm up routine is needed, and even more important (and one you never get to see in the films) a good warm down routine as well. This will help keep your tendons and muscles stretched and ready for action.

How do I know this? I hear you say. Because it happened to me last week.
I pulled a thigh muscle and a week later I am still feeling the pinch.

So what went wrong?

It all started with me practising skipping with my son's pink kiddy skipping rope. Skipping is a good exercise which is practiced by many a boxer in training. Good for building stamina, it is also a real killer on the legs and heart. I thought I was doing really well as I managed to do 6 sets of 50 skip rotations with about 30 seconds rest in between. I kept up this skipping routine for about three evenings in the back garden. But I neglected to warm up as kids never seem to warm up when they skip. No harm done I or so I thought.

Until...I found myself running around playing five-a-side football a few days later. I ran up to kick the ball and 'Twang', I felt a horrid cramp in my thigh as my foot connected with the ball. I was in agony!

Owing to the fact I had not stretched properly after my skipping venture, I had all this lactic acid from the 'muscle burn' which was sat in my thigh muscles. Lesson well and truely learnt. Warm up, keep supple and warm down after excercising. Because without doing so, no rules for cardio will save you when the zombies come running.


  1. Thanks for the tip :) I never ever stretch before a work out, so I'll have to make a habit of doing so. Going for my first gym session for zombie survival this evening. Whoo!

  2. Have a good work out! While the weather's been quite nice I've been taking the kids to the park and having a big run around the fitness course they have there. My son loves a race and my daughter loves the wind in her hair when I run with the pram! Need to get a little bit more fit before I start boot camp or it might kill me!


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