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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spot the obvious flaw in the Walking Dead (Season 2)

I recently saw the next season trailer for the new episode of the walking dead.
If you haven't seen it yet then you can watch it here: See if you can spot the obvious error from 2 minutes 20 seconds in!

Did you spot it?


Want to know what they did wrong......

Well...just as the zombie hoards are strolling through the parked cars, our intrepid team of survivors take the seemingly inspired option of hiding beneath the parked cars to escape the zombie hoards.

What!!! Did the main character learn nothing from his first series encounters?
Did he forget being surrounded while hiding under a parked tank!
There was even a big section of one program about them covering their own scent with bits of dead bodies to mask their smell before walking out in search of a means of transport.

Come on guys, get realistic! 
Being zombie fit means you can always gallop off in front of them.
Our choice would be to set off jogging at a steady pace and head for some safer ground. At the very least you could try and climb a tree!
These are not bears that are following you.
Playing dead won't save your skin, (or brains) as we all know a zombie's favourite smell is the synaptic 'juicey peach' that lives on your head. Your tasty brain smell that sends his congealed tastebuds crazy.

So you are unlikely to fair well hiding under a "insert car of your choice".

Jogging away from the oncoming zombie masses might not make for a tense storyline on TV, but it will allow you to survive longer than the entire second season of the Walking Dead!

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