This is a diary of how my husband and I are getting Zombie Fit! Join us and don't get eaten alive! We are getting mentally and physically prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Become self sufficient and survive!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How I was transformed into a zombie!

I spent to day as an extra on the short film The Shot, directed by Paul Whale, one very cold Sunday in January. One scene was as a zombie and one as a normal human (well, as normal as I get!). It was great fun - so here's some of the pics from the day!

Just looked in the mirror.

This isn't my hand - my fingers are a lot fatter.
This is me... just as myself!

I'm a Zombie Star!!

When invited to be an extra in The Shot, directed by Paul Whale - how could I possibly say no?!

I'm the lady having her lunch and my sister just happened to come along too for some kissing action!! We had a blast of a day, even though it was freezing cold, but a great experience all the same.

Hope you enjoy it!
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