This is a diary of how my husband and I are getting Zombie Fit! Join us and don't get eaten alive! We are getting mentally and physically prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Become self sufficient and survive!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've got the fear! I need to run faster!

Okay, so I've had some time off from getting Zombie Fit, but I've had good reason! Not only have I been convalescing after a foot op, we've been going through the arduous task of buying a new house and selling ours. And no nightmare can come close to the home buying process!

So, last Tuesday I was declared fit to start exercising again - 12 weeks after my operation. And I'm not one to give up easily, so off I went to bootcamp again to get my fitness back up to scratch. And it's like starting all over again (I have eaten quite a lot of cookies).

But you don't need much more motivation than the reports coming from Miami about the flesh eating dude that was shot, then shot some more to stop him in his hungry ways. Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse? Whatever it is, it's making me a little nervous. Should I start buying slightly more food to stock up - just in case? Should we start sharpening our tools and fortifying the house? I do know that I need to run a bit faster and strengthen those flabby arms to the point where I become a neck snapping power house.

Whatever happens, it would be somewhat embarrassing if those dead zombies do start wandering the earth, I'd have to answer my own blogging question: Am I Zombie Fit? No. Very embarrassing indeed. Better to be safe than sorry.

Can zombies type?

Has the Zombie Apocalypse started?

There's some crazy stuff going on at the moment. Not only has Miami had its first flesh-eating episode, other strange stuff has been going off too. Check out this post from Dread Central:

Have you heard any crazy or weird stuff recently? We need to keep up with these reports so we can be prepared! Remember: don't become zombie fodder!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Zombies are Alive! And living in Miami!

WARNING! Never trust a naked in the street!

Yikes! It's already started. Read this report from the Huffington Post. Naked man? Eating another man's face? In broad daylight? And continues to eat after being shot? All the ingredients for a zombie attack.

Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim's Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police - The Huffington Post

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