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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Tom Hardy Trained To Become Bronson

Well, it's a NewYear and like everyone else, I'm trying to train away all that Christmas flab (way too much cheese and chocolate). I'm not a gym bunny - never have been and never will - but according to all my friends who are, you cannot get near for all those who have made New Year Resolutions. Maybe February would be a better month to start at the gym.

So I've been back to bootcamp. But this time - it's very, very cold. We've been working hard. Lots of reps of all the old favourites like press-ups, squats, lunges, burpees (hate them), sit-ups - you know the kind of thing. We also do a lot of kettlebell work and bicep curls with dumb bells. Now being a lady, I'm beginning to worry that I'm starting to Hulk-out a bit. My shoulders are big enough as they are, but they are getting even bigger!

I was watching Lawless yesterday and started to think I was beginning to look like I had Tom Hardy's shoulders!

So, this is a insight into how Tom Hardy gained three stone (42lbs) in muscle for his role in Bronson. No gym required, as they based all the training on the fact that Charles Bronson was in solitary confinement for most of his prison sentence. If you want big and bulk, this one could be for you.

I think I will forget this January beach body workout, I want to look like a psychopath! Now that would scare a zombie off for sure (or I could just pull its head off).


  1. Welcome back!

    Tom Hardy would be an awesome zombie survival companion, so long as he stays beefy.

    Good luck with the bootcamp; hope it sets you off on the right foot this year :)

    Zombie Food 2 Zombie Fit

  2. Thanks Jamie! I was thinking about the pros and cons of having a bod like Bane in a zombie apocalypse, and whilst he would be good at ripping heads off, once the fight is over, he's gonna be one hungry dude.


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