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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pregnancy & Apocalypse. Would you survive?

Not content with having just your common-or-garden two children, I am now 24 weeks pregnant with our third child. But what will happen if the zombie apocalypse starts now? Would I survive the zombies or childbirth? I'm not too sure...

It doesn't help watching The Walking Dead to see Lori Grimes being cut open to get her baby out and then being shot by her son! Birth is a scary business at the best of times with all the best medical help. But what if you were without the luxury of our wonderful healthcare system?

Without medical intervention, I would have died during my last birth for sure. The birth was wonderful and easy, it was the whole aftermath that would have finished me off in a world without healthcare. I could not expel the placenta and started to hemorrhage quite badly, losing two litres of blood in 30 minutes. I was whizzed off to theatre to have a manual removal of the placenta, and two blood transfusions. I remember lying on the table feeling very, very tired, thinking - if I just slipped away now, it wouldn't be too bad.

The worst part was seeing Robin's face as they handed him our new baby girl and took me away. Would I see him or my children again?

My dream is to have a great birth with this baby and a relatively easy third stage, but I think I'm somewhat of a high risk case now. And just to add to these problems, I've got a low lying placenta too, so if that doesn't move, it means a c-section for me.

But what if the apocalypse starts? I think I would have about a 70% chance of bleeding to death. If I didn't, I would be an extremely lucky lady! Maybe it's time to befriend a midwife! And somebody with the same blood group!

I'm now quite big. I'm only going to get bigger. How would I fend off all those zombies? Would I be able to run away? Not very well is the answer! I'm getting dodgy hips and sometimes find it hard to hobble down the street. What about shortages of food? What about shortages of fluffy pillows? Pregnancy is a big risk when it comes to the zombie apocalypse!

I'll let you know if I would have survived in an apocalypse situation when this baby arrives in November. Will I be lucky and have my dream birth? Or will I be in theatre? Only time will tell...

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